‘Cause you know that you’re toxic.


Letting go of toxic people can be hard sometimes. Narcissistic people can seem really sweet and act like they love you, yet at the same time be totally down right bad.

In order for us to truly love someone, we must first love ourselves. You can tell when someone’s confidence level isn’t that great by not only body language, how they treat others.

If someone is constantly downing you, their confidence, isn’t there. If a girl you’re dating doesn’t want you around other girls, it’s because she’s not confident enough. Same with guys.

Love can be blinding. It can be great at the sametime being bad for your health.

First, I want you too look at yourself. Are you feeling sad all the time? Do you feel like you can’t be the person you were before you met them? Do you have a constant worry they are going to be mad at you? It’s not healthy.

Now, look at the relationship. Does this girl/boy determine your every move, even words/how you see others? Open your eyes to see this.

You deserve the best just like the next person. They have got you beliving you don’t because they probably know you can do better than the place they are in now.

Everybody deserves somebody. However, some people rush into something for fear of being alone, even if they have things to work on in their own life. While it’s not fair for you, it isn’t for them either.

Relationship isn’t 50/50, it’s 100/100. We should always ask ourselves, “What can I bring to the table to help make them a better person?”

There are two I’s in relationship; You (I) and Them (I).

Relationship = Team.

Seperate yourself from negative influences. Get with someone who will want you to succeed as a person. Do not conform to your girl/guy in the relationship. We all have different qualities that could work together.

Maybe you need to find yourself. It’s okay to not have someone RIGHT now. Being able to be by yourself and be okay with it, matters a whole lot more; it will also help you answer the question, “Do I love them or am I lonely?”

Being lonely with someone isn’t fun.

Relationship responsibly.

The face behind the blog.

I do appreciate your feedbacks and likes. Thank you guys so much. 😘

My name is Emily, I’m 24 years old.

I started writing at a young age. I loved going through the stationary isles at stores and getting pens and paper. First it started out with how I felt. I have found countless journal entrys from my middle/high school years of nothing but writings ranging from diary logs to poetry/songs I wrote.

One huge thing that is a constant in my life is the Lord. He’s been there for me through everything. So I put my love for writing and him together, thus how my blog was born.

I do however love poetry. I also see things through different perspective than most, so I write poems, life lessons (disclaimer: it’s only my opinion) I have been teaching a ladies sunday school class, so I may throw in an outline or two on my post.

If there is a subject concerning the Bible or anything you’d like to read, you can email me at


What if I fall?
What if you soar?

What if I crawl?
What if you run for more?

What if I cry?
What if you laugh the whole time?

What if I die a little inside?
What if you feel more alive?

Love is complicated,
Yet so beautiful.
Love is something you cannot hide,
Love is one huge rollar coaster ride.

So hold on tight, do not let go,
Feel the emotions and you’ll know.
That love is something you feel inside,
Love is something that abides.


Tired of being let down,
Tired of lookin a clown.

Tired of being this way,
Tired of trying to be swayed.

Tired of being the rock,
That I sware you kick so hard.

Tired of being tired,
My heart I’m trying to wire.

You never pay attention,
You never choose to listen.

You you you, but what about me?
Aren’t we made to be a team?

Why can’t you feel the same?
I feel I’m going insane.

I let go, you pull back,
But this time I’m gone; getting my life on track.

This grief I’m leaving
And never return,

Uh oh I said, “never,”
I hate that stupid word.

The love of my life.

I met the love of my life at a young age of six. He came into my life and set me free from all that pushed me down. As time went on, he stood by my side helping me grow. Teaching me right from wrong, holding me when I was sad, listening when I was mad, cheering me on in my good times. I knew he always loved me no matter, and sometimes I suppose I took advantage of that. I remember at the age of 18, I thought I was above him. I knew it all. No one could stop me. Soon enough he brought me back to size and made me realize my need for him was far greater than his for me.

You to can find that love. If God has spoken to you, please do not hesitate to come to him. I know pride stands in our way more than 99% of the time. But we ALL have to come to a knowledge that we can’t save ourselves. The Bible says in Roman 3 verse 23, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Also Jesus says in John, “no one cometh unto the Father but by me.”

Some play it off by as “an old book,” while others say it’s just another story to scare people into doing good. Good works do not get you into Heaven. So, even if you are good, it really only means you’re doing what God expects of us anyway. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Don’t let this be that scenario.

Get things right today, so you can live tomorrow. Hell is hot. Heaven is real. And Jesus is coming.

Are you ready?


Sometimes your voice seems so far away, I don’t know what to say.
I try to follow,
But the wind blows me a different way.

I cry out and you help me,
But I can’t seem to stay.
Something new blocks my view.
Of no-one but you.

It’s hard to keep up,
My main goal is too follow.
But it seems like all I do is fall down,
Destroying the Bible town.

I wish to say, I love you. I do.
You made me one of the elite few.
I know you love me as well,
You’ve kept my soul from hell.

From now on, only praises leave my lips,
Serving throughout my days.

How could someone not want something so divine?
Singing your praises, because Jesus is mine.

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Emotionally detatched

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed a change in my emotional state.

Have you ever cried so much and became over emotional, you start to feel drained?

I’ve become numb to what is going on around me. I’ve cried; many days, cried myself too sleep. Cried sometimes waking up, never remember my dreams.

Those dreams of people who are toxic, but ones you couldn’t let go.

I’ve tried, too loosen my grip. But it’s just like everytime, it only gets harder. I just want my emotional life back. I just want to feel lively, up and at ’em again.

He’ll come back; but not because of love, out of loneliness.

And I’ll go back, because of them both.

This fact is sad, yet the truth of it stings.