“Keep thy heart with all diligence..”

As bad as this sounds, I had no idea of this being in the Bible. I guess he knew we’d get hurt in love. He knew we’d loose our minds, thoughts and our heart. Then again, if we’re in love with the right person, (i.e. the person God has for us), would we really loose ourselves?
It’s crazy for someone whose never experienced anything like love to think about loosing your heart to someone. Well, that was me. I talked to a few people, but it never went anywhere and really unless I see a future with someone, it never goes anywhere past 2 days of talking. After that, I get bored and don’t see a reason to talk with them anymore.

I met someone who I thought could actually be the one I could stick with. He was way more mature than any of the guys I talked too  (even the ones that were older than me), and that is something rare, thus sparked an interest to keep talking. The more I got to know him, (or so i thought) the more I wanted too know.

I always heard that several different things came up IF it were love and they all seem to fit the bill. BUT look up, (on google) signs of meeting the right one; Now, look up signs of meeting the one GOD has for you. Totally different points. Most of the ones on the right one, meet physical criteria. Like how they look in your eyes, if their pupils dilate while looking at you. How they position themselves when talking to you. But when looking for the one God has for you, it meets the soulful side. And then on both they say, “you just know..”

I do agree, when God shows you the one, it will probably be out of the blue. It’s probably going to be someone you already know. It’s going to happen when you least expect it. And it’s going to feel so right without that hint of excitement you feel when you knows it’s somewhat wrong. God has a way of doing some pretty crazy stuff, am I right?

Anyway, I guess my excitement for finding a “mature” boy outweighed my knowledge of all the things I mentioned up there. Please girls, (and guys) guard your heart. We always give the people who do not deserve them, the right to step on them. When we find our identity in God, we will begin to realize the fakes from the truths. Sometimes it takes a few Mexican hat dancers, but then again sometimes all it takes is one whom you can bear your soul too. Which do you choose?


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