Half sweet, half unsweet tea.

God sees you struggling


I’ve noticed a problem within myself; anytime something goes wrong in my life, I always second guess who Emily is.
I’ve been working on finding who I am. What I wanna do, etc etc. But the huge problem I have is not an outward thing, it’s not a respect myself thing, it’s… confidence in whatever I’m doing now is right. It’s the part most people lack because we see ourselves as not good enough.

Being upset with yourself when things go bad and second guessing what you’re doing wrong is like wanting the PERFECT half sweet half unsweet tea.

Sometimes you get to much sweet. When life is good, it’s really good. This is the time most people don’t pray or seek God out. You think, why would I?! Life is going smooth, I have no worries, no problems.

But then, sometimes you get too much unsweet, making the tea real bitter. God gives us the tribulations to make us realize how sweet life is. He gives us hard times to make us feel emotions. Wanting to feel good and happy all the time is like wanting to walk through the rain without getting wet; it doesn’t happen.

Allowing yourself too feel all emotions will help you cope better in life. Never stop believing in yourself and your ability to do what you know you should. Always trust that for whatever reason you’re going through something that might change you, help you, or mold you but never break you.

A good verse to remember is, Matthew 5:45
“.. for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust..”

So remember even on your unsweet days, God has a whole sweetner he’s adding too your cup. Stop second guessing yourself and also him. Learn from the event and move onto bigger things in your life. 🍵

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