Still learning.

Life not with you Is something I couldn’t face. Living without you has such distaste.

I should have walked away, No, I should have ran. But your love kept pulling me back in.

I love you now, Like I did then. Stupid me, for thinking that is enough. Man, this is going to be rough.

See learning to live, without you Is learning to die, slowly. You really make my soul Feel lonely.

Just live.

Thinking of taking your life? Listen first. Life isn’t fair. It’s a huge roller coaster. There are good days; then, there are bad days. Today, is just your bad day. You feel alone, deserted, unappreciated. You feel anxious, afraid. Your life has meaning. Your life has a purpose. It’s hard to see things clear when you’re mad, sad, even happy. We don’t see the bigger picture until we take a deep breathe and analyze our situation. Making hasty decisions result in automatic regret. Nevertheless, we do it. Are you running from a problem? Face it. It’s like ripping a bandaid off. Do you want it to hurt a little or a lot? Running from your problems cause your anxiety to heighten. Facing them, cause you to feel better (in the long run) also it’ll help your problem not to seem as strong. Are you in the moment? I don’t really like the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I mean have you tasted lemonade? Very tart. Instead, take anything and give it back when life gets rough! They say only the strong survive, but how is that true if you aren’t here? You are stronger than any problem you have faced/are facing, will face. Is there a bully at school? Even work? I have worked with some, I have went to school with some and watching them make others uncomfortable and feel bad about themselves is truly disgusting. Do not let those make you feel less a person! You are you for a reason and if they cannot handle it, let them work it out. I want you too know, I care, we care. As a whole, I feel America cares. People everywhere you look, want you to be here. To enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Feel every emotion, let it engulf you then move on. Life goes on, but it won’t if you aren’t here. Truly, you never know how important you are to some; and you may never, that’s okay. Keep living if not for yourself, for them. You can do it, I know you can. You’ve come so far. There is someone who cares more than anyone else. I’m not going to shove it down your throat, but he is the reason you’re alive today and he loves you and wants you to be here. God is so loving and merciful. There were times I had thoughts of suicide, there is also a reason I am still here today. I’m not sure yet, I’m still trying to figure out. But God showed me no matter my purpose, I’m still here. Life is still rough, but he still leads and still watches out. If you’re not sure of your calling, please please please, make it right today. Your life, like mine, has a meaning. Let’s grow old, and find out what they are…together. 💖💖

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“Why did I fall in love?”

Lets start out as, what is love?

Its an overly used word that, too me, has lost its meaning. When did love become hook ups and casual sex? Or better yet, why do WE allow that to be the definition? Isn’t it suppose to be a sacred emotion that is described when two souls match?

Why do we confuse “love” for “lust?” People will say just about anything to get what they want. Rather than thinking to the future and how we want to be, we have let ourselves be in the now and what will satisfy us. It’s kind of sad we have lost that self respect.

Love is so much deeper then people realize. It’s not a feeling that can be caught over night, like a cold. It’s a growing respect for the other person. It’s a learning process that not only allows you to get to know that person, but also yourself. It’s something that reminds us daily how God has blessed us.

To have another soul you can bear yours too, sure there will be ups and downs but who can lift you up when others knock you down? If you can’t say your significant other, maybe you aren’t in love? Sometimes, love and infatuation can be tricky. They can feel alike, but there is a huge difference.

In the first stages of a relationship, you go through the honey moon phase. That person can do no wrong, right? To you, their perfect. But what happens when something sets them off? When you see their true colors? If you can go through hard times with them, it’s love. If not, I think you can safely say, you were just excited over having someone. That person wasn’t for you.

Before marriage, I strongly believe everyone should have marriage counseling. Even if you guys are perfectly fine and feel you shouldn’t. It gives a chance to sit down and ask yourself, “Why did I fall in love?” “Is this relationship something that benefits the both of us?”

In my opinion, true love always sees the good. Not saying, you continually see that person as “perfect,” but you love them in all their flaws; and vice versa. You benefit from one another. You help the other to grow. You do whatever is necessary too get that person to reach their full potential. Life is hard, coming home to a cheer section, helps.

In my closing, I’d to ask you one thing. When is the last time you took the time to appreciate that person? When is the last time you showed them rather than telling you love them? Talk is 20% but Showing is 80% of love.