Too love myself

I looked in the mirror only to find….

A girl staring back at me, slightly crying.

Her hair was long and blonde, but makeup a mess, her eyes big and blue hard too miss.

Her bottom lip quivered as she remembered what the world had to say about the way she walked, talked, looked, dressed, everything!

“Be this way!” “Change this, change that!” It was so hard to keep up. She finally looked at herself and decided a change.

“I am beautiful, I am worth everything good.” She said as she wiped mascara off from under her eyes. “What the world can’t see is what is on the inside.”

“A beautiful mind, a heart of gold. I can tell you stories of which haven’t yet been told.”

She smiled sweetly at herself as she decided today she had made a change. No one could make her feel less of herself, she finally joined her own team.

“Know yourself, Know your worth.”

Being yourself, is better than being someone else.

As good ole Drake says,
“Know yourself, know your worth”

Do we actually know and live by those words?

I’ve wanted to do a blog on this subject for a while because it’s something, I, myself, have had and are suffering with it now.

Sometimes I forget about me, and while most would say that is a great trait to have, some would disagree. I’m on the fence. I’m usually a upbeat kind of person, so I feel it can be mostly a blessing than a curse.

The blessing is, being able to always make people happy. The curse is letting what others say bog you down; and it does.

Keeping yourself up-to-date with yourself, is a necessary factor in happiness. How can I be happy if I don’t know what makes me happy? Life is too short to be sad and depressed; let’s get happy!

It’s taken a while and several different events to prove to myself, I need to be my own cheer section. It’s something that has to start within. Some days are easier than others, but as you find yourself and stuff that make you happy, the better days will out number the bad.

The last step to finding the one true happiness is not just within yourself, but within God. God alone can make you feel better. Not saying my Christian life has been wonderful and glorious because I’ve had some of my own battles, but God has helped me through them all.

If you’re not sure of your calling, please make preparations today!

Thanks for reading.